Scheherazade Performance

...How dare you disrespect your king? How could you denegrade the throne? And ...why... why would you break my heart?

"Tales of Scheherazade" is a brand new Australian-made chamber opera, uniquely bilingual (Persian and English) and based on the legendary collection of folk tales "One Thousand and One Nights" (Persian, Arabic, Indian, Turkish, etc.), is being developed and produced by a team of Brisbane and international creatives.

This intoxicating mix of Eastern and Western cultures tells stories of love, passion, betrayal, loyalty, revenge and triumph in adversity. The audience will be magically teleported into the court chambers as Scheherazade sets her mind on having the wounded King in her tender arms and healing him through the sublime art of storytelling.

We are confident a large-scale multi-cultural event such as this has the potential to bridge the cultural gap between East and West and have a positive effect on the mutual understanding between all nations.

Concert performance: December 1, 2017 at Princess Theatre, Brisbane

If you would like to attend, please support the project via Pozible by 29th of October. We will not have ticket sale for this perormance

Artistic Director / Producer: Shirin Majd
Composer: Paul Kopetz
Libretto: Vahid Fazel
Stage Designer: Sara Iran Nejad
Choreographer: Rita Jabri Markwell
Publicitor: Narges Shokohi & Alireza Rahnama
Translator: Elahe Shahrudi

The cast:
Scheherazade/Azizeh - Shirin Majd
Shahryar/Tajkian - Jeffrey Black
Donyazad/Zohrejabin - Judit Molnar
Aziz/Shahzaman - Phillip Costovski
Narrator - Rita Jabri Markwell

The ensemble:
Violin - Tricia Reck
Cello - Robert Manley
Clarinet - Rianne Wilschut Piano - Alex Raineri
Oud - Azadeh Sham'ee
Percussion - Aida Nasab
Music Director - Paul Kopetz

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