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I'm classical singer (soprano) based in Brisbane. I've been performing through Europe, Iran and Australia as a chorus and soloist


  • SoloistShirin has performed as a soloist with different ensembles...
  • Singing TeacherSince 2002 Shirin has started teaching music...
  • Performed excerptsin 2011 Shirin performed excerpts from Verdi & Puccini operas...

Sweet Sound (Shirin Majd)

Sweet Sound aspires to create a fusion of musical cultures and a new perspective on Iranian folk music.The group was established by Shirin Majd in the year 2000 in Iran. Since then she has performed in a variety of different styles such as Iranian folk, western classical songs and opera and has performed extensively across Austria, Iran and Australia.

We believe that music is a fusion of sweet sounds that come from the heart and touch the heart of the audience.

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